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While working for the Hippodrome Theatre as a cinema/marketing intern in Gainesville, Florida, I created this short clip to promote their summer musical:

Here is a short, creative video I filmed and edited for one of my UF production courses:

Below is the end scene from Breathless, overlaid by the theme song from Inception. I replaced most of the non-diagetic music originally in Jean-Luc Godard’s film with Hans Zimmer’s music because it emphasized more of a dramatic tone whilst maintaining the characters’ narratives. I would consider the added music to still be non-diagetic, and also both environmental and empathetic. The newer music is reflective of the surroundings that the audience feels during the scene, and is an excellent emotional tool for the same reason because it follows the camera angles quite well. Throughout the film there is a consistent amount of subtle messages, and when the officer’s voice is taken out of the scene and replaced with Zimmer’s music, the audience has less information to infer from and instead uses them music to assume a more suspenseful narrative between the characters.

I filmed this event put on by many organizations within the Gainesville, FL community. A UF student-group of Landscape Architects introduced ParkING Day to local businesses, which is an international movement, and they worked together to promote the creation of more green space in our urban and public spheres:

These video edits are some that were created in my VIC3001 course at the University of Florida:

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the video footage.

Here is a music video I filmed and edited for IndepenDANCE Studio in Gainesville, FL. After a week of recording and rehearsing a very popular song and dance, some of these previously inexperienced, little popstars made their first YouTube debut: